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We are a Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band performing in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and other parts of Northern England.

We play at events for both experienced dancers and beginners. We regularly perform at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other social events.

If you would like to book The Riot Band for an upcoming event, please call:
Bob Duckworth on 01204884297, Mobile 07712615773 or email by clicking the following link: mail@theriotband.co.uk or cut and paste into your web mail app.

What is it all about?

There is sometimes confusion between the terms: ceilidh, country dance, barn dance and hoedown, we hope to make this clearer for you. Whichever term is used they are essentially the same and are based on inherited forms of folk dancing (you may have done a bit at school). These events are fun, often energetic and not intended to be serious (you can have a laugh at your own mistakes – so can we!).

'Ceilidh' is a celtic word (pronounced - kaylee), a special event at which people dance to traditional music, especially in Scotland and Ireland (Ceili). Basically this is a social dance gathering - a party to most people! 'Barn Dances' or "Country Dances" are generally performed to English, Celtic or American folk music, often played by a live band and involving a caller who helps the dancers in their dancing.

Barn Dances are social events. It is a fun event rather than a serious one".

'Hoedown' is an American term for a similar event to the ones described above.

In more recent years, the terms 'Ceilidh', 'Barn Dance', Country Dance and Hoedown have become synonymous with each other.

What will the caller do?

The caller usually acts as MC for the evening, chooses the dances and guides the dancers through the dances, before the band commences playing. During the dance the caller will call out the figures to remind you what to do - the caller is the link between the dancers and the band.

He or she will choose the dances and will concentrate on providing the dancers with an enjoyable night regardless of the dancers' ability. The Riot Band works with some of the best callers available and will choose one to suit your needs or alternatively we will work with a caller of your choice.

What will be the structure of the event?

If you need advice on how the event should run we are happy to help. We are very flexible in how the event is run, but things work better if you can give us details of the arrangements in advance of the event. It is helpful to have someone designated to liaise with the band to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The band arrives complete with a PA system. If the person booking the band requires the band to use an alternative system this needs to be discussed prior to the event. We need a safe power supply for the PA System and we will usually need access one hour before the event to set up our equipment and do a sound check before your guests arrive.

If you need to know more: Call Bob Duckworth on 01204884297, Mobile 07712615773 or email us by clicking the following link: mail@theriotband.co.uk or cut and paste into your web mail app.

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